Sandi and Vince of Essential Financial were recommended to me by a co-worker and have been handling my finances since July 2013.

Vince possesses excellent market knowledge, has boundless enthusiasm for his profession and is simply a super guy. In setting up my portfolio, he presented several options to me but never steered me in any particular direction. How I wanted to invest my money was always left up to me, without any pressure from Vince. The gain on my investments in the last 2 years has exceeded my expectations. Vince also made sure that I had all my bases covered – investments, insurance, and estate planning.

Sandi has superior efficiency in making sure all the necessary documentation to support my portfolio is in order and up to date. She is very quick to respond to any questions I may have and is always a pleasure to deal with.

Together, I believe that Vince and Sandi make an excellent team and I highly recommend their services as financial advisors. I am very glad to have Essential Financial working with me."