How Do We Get Paid?

At Essential Financial, we will never ask you to write us a cheque for our services and advice

We are paid through the insurance companies and fund companies by commission for the products we sell and service. We receive service fees based on assets under management for maintaining your investment accounts and life insurance renewals.

We will educate you on the industry standard terms of FFS (fee for service), DSC (deferred sales charges), FE (front end charges), LL (low load charges), MER (management expense ratio) and what these mean to you and how they may have an impact on your investments.

The industry is always changing, and we are excited to embrace future changes and provide fee-based asset management for those who are interested.

As a financial services firm who provides independent financial advice, we are not tied to one service provider or product. You can be fully assured that we do not receive any directive or incentive from our dealer or suppliers to promote specific products. We will always customize a strategy to suit your individual needs and those of your family.

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